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Original Metal Jewellery - Jablonec nad Nisou

Design-M v.o.s. was formed as a family company 15 years ago...

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The main matter of our aspiration is to make first-rate products - metal costume jewellery. We are interested in production moulded articles of high guaranteed quality. We choose the highest quality alloy of tin and we work with the new lead-free material as well. Each product goes through detail hand working and various surface finishes are as a matter of course nickel-free.

It is a good bargain to do some shopping directly at producers. Have a look at our e-shop. We offer a wholesale to shopkeepers, dealers and other merchants.

DESIGN-M produces Celtic and Old Germanic amulets, Magic talismans, Runes made of massive tin material and small decorative American Indian pendants, simple and also decorative medieval Crosses, Symbols, Monads and Original modern pendants as well. Beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings inspired by history and a rich assortment of metal parts for jewellery industry and other jewellery producers.

Most of our production is designed by our designer and artist, Mrs. Marcela Kourková.


Celtic, Vikings, Old Germanic, Icelandic and Indian Amulets have a magical potency. They can protect you from illness, misfortune and negative thoughts. Magic talismans, Hebrew and Elder Christian symbolism, medieval astrological and religious symbols help us to achieve specific aim in our life or frame of mind. Celtic Runes (Old Germanic futhark) from the beginning  took on a variety of ritualistic functions. There were runes to influence almost every aspect of human life including birth runes, death runes, weather runes, health runes, battle runes and love runes. Elegant massive lockets, signs of Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac can help you to find the right way according to tidings of stars.


Suitable jewel for every occasion! Necklaces, bracelets and earrings made by our designer continue old gothic style and are decorated by variously coloured stones.  Completed in sets they are showy accessories to your wardrobe. Every design of our author´s workshop is original and it is possible to adapt them according to demand of customers. Elegant polished gold or silver brooches can be decorated by pearls or crystal stones.


Production of jewellery metal parts is the main specialization of our company. Inexhaustible spektrum of author´s products means two thousand components inclusive of caps, pendants, middle parts, earrings parts and endings parts of different shapes and sizes.  Everything is the best production quality.


To finish the jewellery there is the rich choice of galvanic surfaces. So that, each of products can change many different interesting appearances.  High-grade metals as rhodium, gold and silver for gala costume jewellery.  Old gold, French silver, old copper and old brass are galvanic finishes  which are evokative of historic ancient jewelry. Dark black zinc for elegant costume jewellery and antimonial patina is the best for celtic and fantasy pendants and for Gothic style.

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