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An angel NewOffer

Dimensions: 5,3 x 2,8 mm     Serial number: 81-1327

0.00 € pcs   


Necklace Héra 5 NewOffer

Dimensions: délka 51 + 10 cm     Serial number: Lux 66

0.00 € pcs   


The storm NewOffer

Dimensions: 5,2 x 3,9 cm     

0.00 € pcs   


Luna - old patina NewOffer

Ancient lady´s jewel with atractive design is made of high quality alloy of tin and modified to old silver look. Luna is the symbol of femininity, fertility and happiness.

Dimensions: 4,8 x 4,5 cm     Serial number: 81-1283

0.00 € pcs   

How to order?

You can select the category you are interested in. Our goods are clearly organized in the left column at this page.

If you´d like to order the item, choose the quantity and click the icon of basket. Then you can continue shopping or process your order.

If you finish your purchase, select the "Process order".

Choose the country you are from, read Conditions and Terms, fill in the form with your data and confirm the order. We offer free postage for the purchase over 60 €.

If you meet some problem, contact us

You can order the goods by our e-mail as well.

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